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Complete Transparency

Cross Pixel offers the only fully transparent platform, allowing our advertisers to know the source of the audience data they are targeting. This approach gives our clients better insight, confidence of authenticity and control around the data powering their online advertising campaigns. Cross Pixel is fully committed to data quality, performance and transparency. 

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Real-Time Custom Audiences

In addition to our standard audience segment taxonomy, Cross Pixel's dedicated team works directly with brands to build fully customized target audiences. These audiences are built with our tool Audience Calculator and can be optimized and adjusted in near Real-Time to reflect the marketing strategies of each individual brand.

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Distribution Partners

Our data is available to marketers across the entire real-time advertising ecosystem. Advertisers can access our data and deliver advertising to the audiences we provide across thousands of web sites utilizing ad formats including pre-roll video, display advertising, social media, text links, content and more.

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